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I started my IT Journey very young. I was fortunate to have a father and grandfather who were computer hobbyists in the 80s. My first memories were working with my grandfather building computers in the garage; where we painstakingly removed ram chips with special tweezers to increase the memory on my computer to a whopping 256k of RAM!

At 13, I ran my own business teaching people how to use computers, installing software, and fixing home computers. At 15, I started my first real job building, troubleshooting, and fixing computers for a local computer store. After graduating High School in 1998, I started doing IT contract work. I enjoyed the freedom of traveling to places like Florida, California, Connecticut, and other locations on the east coast to work. Afterwards, I spent several years working in IT for health insurance companies such as Oxford Health Plans, and The Hartford Insurance.

As my skills advanced, I grew into computer programming using languages such as Visual Basic, C# and PowerShell as well as web design using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. After 3 years as a software engineer at HP, I moved to Seattle, where I worked as an IT Manager for several years. I am now a Senior Windows Systems Administrator for a government entity, providing IT services to customers and other IT Administrators.

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