What I Do

With 25 years of experience, I have a lot of skills and knowledge to share with the world. Whether you need help with servers, custom applications, websites or applications. I can help you find your solution!

Windows Server Management

Manage Windows Servers and Services including Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS/DHCP Configurations, and other Windows Services.

Web Application Development

Design and Develop web applications using industry standards in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and SQL Server (MySQL, and MSSQL). This includes Hosting, SEO, and analytics.

Cloud Computing

Manage and Maintain cloud servers in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Manage your onsite network devices and configuration as well as VPN, Firewalling, and Filtering and Monitoring

.NET Development

Develop custom software and services for your organization using C# and other technologies

SQL Server Administration

Manage, maintain, and administer your SQL environment for both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

Dev-Ops and SDLC

Help establish policies and procedures for Source Code Management, build, test, and Deployment of your product or website

I use industry standards as well as new and emerging technologies to help my customers face their technology challenges. Below are just a subset of the products and technologies I use on a daily basis to help service my customers

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